2012 Breeding Plans

Just a quick post to update our breeding plans for this spring/summer.  Spice has been bred to River and is due to whelp around March 6th.  We would also like to have two or three more litters by early summer.  The planned pairings are Camas x Heath, Pepper x Heath, and Paint x River.

Which of the females get bred will depend in part on how their heat cycles are timed.  If they stay on their normal schedules, which are not all that predictable, all should come in heat within the next couple of months.  Although everything went exceptionally smoothly with last year’s three litters whelped within a short period of time, we are not anxious to tempt fate and do a repeat of that any time soon.  If something doesn’t work out with one of the above females, we may be able to fill in with Suzie, who will be two years old next month.

2 thoughts on “2012 Breeding Plans”

  1. Hi Cliff and lisa,

    Just wondering how the heats and breeding is going?

    You know how the new parents can be.


    Doug and Donna

    1. We just finished up breeding Paint to River. Will know if she is pregnant in about 3 weeks. Pepper is also in heat and will be bred to Heath. Hopefully we will have two litters born late May/early June.

      Yes, I know how anxious expectant parents can be!


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