About Us

riverpointWe are located in southeast Idaho in the forested foothills of the Centennial Mountain range near Yellowstone National Park. Our property is bordered by a huge expanse of public land within the Targhee National Forest. Resident Ruffed grouse, including the drummer behind the kennel, along with Sage and Sharptail grouse in the nearby Shotgun Valley provide us with excellent local opportunities to work and train our dogs on wild birds.

pepper4Producing setters that excel on wild birds is our top priority, and all of our breeding dogs are proven in real hunting situations. Our fall begins with local Ruffed, Sage, and Sharptailed grouse.
grouseEvery October we hunt Grouse and Woodcock in the Midwest, and spend the balance of the season working the dogs on Huns and Chukars. We use pen raised quail to introduce puppies to birds and for creating controlled training situations, but they don’t teach a dog how to handle real birds. The only way to know whether a dog has the intelligence and natural abilities necessary to handle difficult wild birds is to hunt them on wild birds.

Preserving the hunting abilities, personality, and conformation inherent in Ryman-Type English Setters while minimizing the occurrence of health problems is the goal of our breeding program. Our dogs are calm, affectionate companions that hunt hard with enthusiasm and flair. They range far enough to find and point birds that you wouldn’t see by yourself, but not so far that they are hard to keep track of. Most importantly, they want to hunt with you.

camaspupsAll of our setters are personal gun dogs and important family members. They live in a heated building next to our house (or in the house with us) with indoor runs and a fenced exercise yard that gives them plenty of room to run.

yardPuppies are whelped in the house so we can watch over their needs and those of their dams. They are handled daily so they are naturally socialized and ready to begin following in their parents’ footsteps.

Breeders of Classic foot hunting English Setters from Ryman and other close working bloodlines.

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