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About Us

Cliff and Lisa walking in on Heather's point.
Brian Grossenbacher photo


We are located in the foothills of Idaho’s Centennial Mountain range near Yellowstone National Park.

Local Ruffed, Sage, and Sharp-tailed grouse provide us with excellent opportunities to develop our dogs on wild birds close to home, and we are within striking distance of hunting the wider Western and Midwestern regions.

Who We Are

Cliff guides fly fishing for trout in the greater Yellowstone region from late spring through early fall. Lisa is a retired college music teacher.

We were introduced to Ryman-type setters in the late 1980s through grouse and woodcock hunting in the upper Midwest, and our first litters were born in 1993.

Because of the seasonal nature of Cliff’s work we have the freedom to spend the entire hunting season with the dogs.

In addition to our local hunting, we take all of our setters on the road with us for six weeks or more each year, camped in areas where we can expose them to wild birds in order to evaluate their natural abilities.

Dogs in the truck.
Brian Grossenbacher photo

Breeding Goals

Our passion is understanding the genetic, innate talents that allow a dog to perform better, and applying that knowledge to produce setters that we consider to be the ideal hunting partners.

Autumn running
Brian Grossenbacher photo

We focus on early development, bird-finding and handling skills, and sound conformation that’s ideal for athleticism and endurance, plus preserving the personality and looks inherent in Ryman-type English setters. All while minimizing health problems.

Kennel Facilities

Our breeding dogs are all personal gun dogs and important family members.

They live in a heated building next to our house (or in the house with us), with indoor runs and a fenced exercise yard.

Puppies are whelped in the house so we can watch over their needs and those of their dams. They are handled daily, making them naturally socialized and ready to begin following in their parents’ footsteps.

Bird flushing from Autumn's point
Brian Grossenbacher photo

October Setters