October Mountain Alder

Alder was from a highly successful cross of Ryman and Smith lines. This cross has consistently produced excellent natural bird dogs with good conformation, good hips, and great personalities. Alder handled Grouse and Woodcock very well in his first season, following running birds and pointing them with intensity. He was an extremely enjoyable dog to work with, and loved to be trained. His wonderful personality and cooperative nature were carried on through Rocky.

October Mountain Alder
OFA Good
OFA Elbows Normal
Goodgoing Brannigan
OFA Excellent
OFA Normal
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Whittier's Princess
Coppersmith Highlander's Duffy
Skylight's Susan
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Needlepoint Princess
Needlepoint Flair Pinnacle
Goodgoing Ryman Wine
OFA Good
Pusker T. Nunu
OFA Good
G. Hanson's Mike Misty Meadows Dewbeau
Gumstump Sprout
Stonegate Bradywine The Duke O'Cantnerbury
Z's Shadbush Gold
Goodgoing Ryman Judy
OFA Good
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Belle Elegant
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Ryman's Lady Blue