April Litters

We have two litters coming up.  Camas was bred to Heath and her puppies are due to be born the first week of April.  Suzie was bred to Doc and she is due about 10 days later. Should be a busy month around here.  Also hoping to have one additional litter this year, out of Lizzie and River.

5 thoughts on “April Litters”

  1. I sure do enjoy the puppy videos. Paint’s pups are adorable. I really wish I was ready to bring home our next October pup, pretty sure Blue’s nose would be out of joint, so will force myself to wait a couple more years. I am excited to see and hear about Suzie and Doc’s litter. Good luck with the pups…you certainly will have a busy spring!

  2. exciting for sure, it’ll be difficult waiting a couple more years to finally get an October pup, I’ll just have to live thru the website!!

  3. Gonna be waiting to hear the reports out of the Llewellin breedings…A few years down the road a pup out of my River’s sister or by her brother will be in the cards! Dart’s keeping me pretty busy for now, though!

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