Back to Life, Upcoming Ryman Book

Well, it’s been a busy summer and fall around here. On top of three summer litters we have had several projects going on and are behind on blogging, email, etc. We’re about caught up though, and hopefully can stop ignoring everyone from here out.

The biggest project has been finishing up a book on Rymans that Lisa co-authored. This required research through the summer (not to mention hundreds of hours over the last couple of years), plus a major push to get it submitted to the publisher last month. The main author of the book, Walt Lesser, is the breeder of the Alder Run line of setters. Walt is one of a very few people alive who has experience with setters bred by George Ryman, and we are excited to see his knowledge of what they were like become available to everyone. The book is scheduled for distribution late next year.

We have managed to get some hunting in. The highlight of course was our Wisconsin grouse and woodcock trip in October. The Midwest grouse cycle is on the down swing right now, but numbers were still decent this year. If you put on the miles you could find enough birds to make it interesting. There are probably some lean years coming up as the cycle bottoms out though.

We are about to head out to chukar camp. We’re late getting over there, but should be able to stay for several weeks if the weather treats us OK. Unlike last year we are expecting lots of mud. We will report. In the mean time, Cliff and our friend Bill figured out a good way to get through rainy days in Wisconsin when trudging through cold, wet woods is about the last thing you feel like doing. Here is Bill with a 39″ Muskie. Maybe not a real big one by Wisconsin standards, but huge from a trout fly fisherman’s perspective!

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