One thought on “Blair x Heath Pups 7-2-12”

  1. My wife and I visited your kennel last summer and were impressed with your kennel and setters. We have now moved into our cabin in Star Valley by Thayne, Wyo. so are not far from you. We are interested in the blue or orange heavy belton type coloring , and with a nice broad head and muzzle, and would prefer a female. We have ruffed grouse at times in our yard and see blue and ruffed grouse on our drives through the Greys River valley. We also hunt pheasants in North Dakota for a week or two each year. I’m 65 and very active but the mountain terrain kicks my butt at times. Your description of your setters being close working and docile in manner and natural retrievers sounds like what we are looking for. Please let us know when you have a litter that should have the heavy belton coloring.

    Bayard and Peggy

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