Camas x River Litter- 2/25/11

Camas whelped her litter yesterday.  There are four boys and four girls.  Three of the males are blue or tricolor, and one is orange.  There are two belton females (no patches) that could be any color, one blue or tricolor, and one chestnut.  Everyone is doing great.  Here are some pictures taken today- one day of age.

Camas x River pups- One day old
Camas x River pups- One day old
Camas and Pups
Camas and Pups

3 thoughts on “Camas x River Litter- 2/25/11”

  1. Just wanted to say I LOVE your new blog. What a good way to keep all of us informed. Camas looks great, a prefect litter for her. Good luck!

  2. Cliff and Lisa,

    We love your new blog…just found it this morning. Great way to keep everyone informed.

    Dave & Missy

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