Candy x Buck Pups / Update

Thirteen pups is quite the handful but they’re all doing great. They’re three weeks old tomorrow and make a nice distraction during these crazy times. Here’s some video we shot this afternoon. Enjoy and stay safe everyone.

11 thoughts on “Candy x Buck Pups / Update”

  1. What a great looking litter! Candy is beautiful & this litter is second only to her last litter with Elvis in it! Stan & Laurie

  2. Thank you so much for the updated video – it made my day! What great looking pups and Candy seems so patient and relaxed with them. Wow!

  3. Stan and Laurie, sure would like to see pictures of Elvis. We got Ollie from Candy x Buck last litter and sure have enjoyed having him, so many beautiful puppies in that litter just like this one.

      1. Rocky,
        You can’t go wrong with a beautiful pup from this litter of Candy and Buck. They are awesome!
        Stan and Laurie Guntly

          1. Yes, Elvis is our first October Setter.
            We have had 2 other setters. One from a southern breeder and one from an Idaho breeder. They were great hunters and outstanding dogs but not as outstanding as October setters in our opinion. But you can’t go wrong with an English Setter especially one from October Setters.
            Stan and Laurie Guntly

  4. The last time we spoke you said that you were not sure if any puppies were available I’m wondering if there are any blue or tri-color females no big eye patch available at this time my phone number is 917 750 231 4 thank you so much for your help sincerely Frank please get back to me one way or the other

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