Candy x Buck Pups Update

It has been kind of hectic here lately but we managed to shoot some video of Candy’s pups this evening. They’re doing great and enjoying the summer weather while exploring the yard.

9 thoughts on “Candy x Buck Pups Update”

  1. Thank you for the update- we can’t wait to meet these little guys and yourselves on August 10th.
    Taylor & Brian

  2. They are beautiful and full of energy! We are looking forward to Kent selecting our second October Setter. You do such a wonderful job with your dogs. Thank you for a second look.

  3. We are not prejudice! We picketed up Elvis on August 10th. He was 8 weeks old. On August 13th Elvis made his 1st point and sat on command. It is very apparent Laurie picket the smartest & most beautiful English Setter of all time! October Setters, you did good!! Stan & Laurie

    1. I think my Bonnie is the greatest bird dog of all time – she is already pointing and retrieving. Seriously, Bonnie was the last pup picked, and she is amazing. She is already showing all the traits of becoming a wonderful gun dog and family companion. Thanks to Lisa and Cliff for all their efforts to produce such great dogs!

      1. Glad to see you still have Setters Ray!! I still have my pup from 11 yrs ago that you helped bring out and now also have a 2 yr old October pup!!

        1. Hey Emily, it’s been a long time, good to hear from you. Glad that your pup I brought from Minnesota turned out well. I have a nine year old Llewellin setter (Belle) and now I have eleven week old October Bonnie Blue. Let’s keep in touch. Are you still in Wyoming?

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