October Setters Dams

October Mountain Violet
October Mountain Violet

Violet is fantastic female out of Paint x River. She reminds us of her grandmother Bess- irrepressible drive with a nice fluid and athletic movement, strong point, and excellent retrieving instincts. Close to moderate range, high headed, stylish, and fast. Violet is a classic old fashioned setter who is exciting to watch in the field. OFA Excellent, 51 lbs. Pedigree Video

October High Mountain Brook

Brook carries our Llewellin cross, through Doc bred to Camas. Smart, and an early developer, she has excelled at handling wild birds from her first contacts. As with her littermates, Brook’s especially strong pointing instincts and bird sense show how well a Llewellin cross can work with the Ryman-types. Her forte is pinning birds, but Brook is also an excellent natural retriever. Moderate range and fast. OFA Good. 46 lbs. Pedigree Video

October Alpine Gentian

Gen is out of a great breeding of Pepper x Heath that produced some of our favorite litters. Gen is athletic, has a medium paced, moderate range, and hunts with serious purpose. She has a level headed, even tempered personality, is smart, and easy to deal with. A good retriever who figured out how to handle wild birds very quickly. OFA Excellent, 47 lbs. Pedigree Video

October Candy Flower

Candy is out of a breeding focused on the “Ryman” side of our kennel, Spice x River. She has the head, and general looks from the Rymans, plus improved conformation and athleticism from the outcrosses in her background. Candy hunts at a close to moderate range. She is fairly fast and fiery, but at the same time easy to handle and fun to hunt. Natural retriever and good pointing instincts. OFA Excellent, 45 lbs. Pedigree

October Rocky Mountain Iris
October Rocky Mountain Iris Photo by Lynn Dee Galey

Iris is the classic old fashioned Ryman-type setter. Out of Spice x River, she’s got the looks and conformation of the Rymans of the 40s and 50s. She is a small, coordinated, and athletic setter who hunts fast and close without being under foot. She is pleasant to hunt and easy to control. Iris developed bird handling abilities especially early, retrieves well, plus has an easy going, affectionate personality. OFA Good, 41 lbs. Pedigree Video

October Blazing Star

Blaze is a quick learning, smart bird dog who shows some of the best from both of her parents, Lizzie and River. She figured out cover and where to find birds exceptionally quickly, has a tenacious personality, athleticism, plus Ryman-type good looks. Blaze is a powerful and determined bird finder who hunts at a fast, moderate range, with strong pointing and retrieving instincts. OFA Excellent, 46 lbs. Pedigree



October Lizzie Lee
October Indian Paintbrush
October Peppergrass
October Spicebush
October Camas Prairie
October Prairie Smoke
October Sassy
October Skyrocket
October Alpine Besseya
Sugarloaf Autumn Belle
October Kinnikinnick
October Blue Penny
October Hazel
October Wild Rose
October Mountain Holly

Breeders of Classic foot hunting English Setters from Ryman and other close working bloodlines.

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