Forged OFA Certificates

A more serious post than usual today unfortunately. Recently we were given information concerning a Ryman-type breeder who possesses forged OFA certificates. We feel we need to put out a warning that goes beyond our usual advice of making sure the parents of a litter have OFAs before buying one of the pups.

This breeder’s web site says all the parents of their puppies are OFA certified, but none of their current breeding dogs are in the OFA database. They presented OFA certificates for them to potential puppy buyers that the OFA has identified as forgeries.

It is now necessary to verify that OFA’s are actually in the OFA database- even if you have seen certificates for them in person. If a breeder claims an OFA certification for ANY dog you need to find it in a search of the OFA’s online database. If you have never searched the OFA database go to this page and try searching for the dog by it’s name, it’s registration number, the kennel’s name, or the ES-XXXX part of the OFA number on the certificate. If there are no results for the dog call the OFA and ask them to look it up for you, (573) 442-0418.

Any breeder with a long list of supposedly OFA certified dogs that can’t be verified in a search of the database is lying. No matter how nice or credible the breeder seems, there is ZERO chance those OFAs exist. Typos and other mistakes very occasionally make it so a dog doesn’t show up in a search, but nobody has 10 OFA certified dogs that somehow aren’t in the database. That does not happen, period. It is really hard to believe anyone would stoop to this, but they did.

If a breeder is capable of taking the step of forging OFA certificates what else will they do? These people are cranking out litter after litter, with who knows what in the background, and the lines are being disseminated into other breeders’ programs. With this type of thing going on, plus the new crop of breeders who simply aren’t doing any health clearances, we are extremely concerned about the future of the Ryman-types.

Cliff and Lisa

8 thoughts on “Forged OFA Certificates”

  1. Wow! That’s incredibly pitiful. Thank you for the warning! Hopefully word travels and potential buyers do the necessary research before purchasing….

  2. This was a rotten way to breed setters but a crime to cheat people for what they are paying for. People who bought these pups should be after the breeder .

  3. I hope these people are charged criminally! At the very least, banned from everything associated with these setters. Folks like this have no business selling pups.

  4. My hat is off to the October Setters folks for initiating such a pioneer proposal. I am hopeful for a big response from responsible breeders of Ryman-type setters.

  5. It is regrettable that at this late date, important progress in improving the Ryman-type setter is in jeopardy due to the unfortunate acts of a few. All breeders, hunters, and buyers of all stripes – must be vigilant with an eye toward the future and good of the dogs. Kudos to October for sounding the alarm and spearheading this vital initiative.

  6. There is simply no reason to lie, cheat or steal. We are a small community of committed owns and breeders of a magnificent pointing breed that can only excel through thoughtful vigilant breeding practices. Thank you October Setters for setting the example.

  7. Just a couple of notes about the OFA database. Every dog with a result from 1974 forward is in the database. These days results even for hips often end up being recorded within 2-3 weeks.

    Searches can be done by name or part of name; if using a part of a name i.e., “Setterdog Rolling Thunder” and you want to search by “Thunder,” just check the box to search any part of name rather than first name. English Setters are also a CHIC breed, so look for CHIC designations which indicate dogs have been tested for hips, elbows, deafness and thyroid.

  8. Thanks for the comments Robin. The database takes some practice to figure out how to use to it’s full potential, but worth that little extra time. It is a fantastic resource!

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