Last Day of the Season

The last day of our chukar hunt turned out to be miserably cold and windy, so we made getting photos of the young dogs our only goal for the day.  After it warmed up a little we went to a somewhat sheltered area to take the pictures.  The dogs weren’t particularly interested in posing (they thought we should go hunting instead), but we did manage to get a few shots that show what they look like.

First, the three from the Llewellin cross.




Suzie (Sky x Heath):

This second photo of Suzie is from a different day, right after a hunt.  It looks like she is pointing, but she isn’t.

When we were done with the photos (or too cold to take any more) we couldn’t resist taking one last hunt on a nearby hillside that we knew had a covey of chukars living on it.

On the way up the hill.  River is the dog who got to go:

Time for a little doggie sports drink:

We had been hoping to get a good video of a point, and everything fell together to get that done on this last hunt.  River is untrained except for basic control, and his performance here is typical of what our dogs will do naturally, without training to be staunch on point.  He lets Lisa walk by, but when the birds don’t go out right away he wants to move in with the gun.  You will see everything better if you view this full screen.

Sunset over our camp.  The last until fall:

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