October Setters Stud Dogs

October Mountain Buckbrush
October Mountain Buckbrush

Buck, out of Lizzie x Heath, brings the qualities of our Llewellin cross back into the Ryman-type side of our lines. Buck is a close to moderate ranging, easy going/level-headed, comfortable hunting dog. Strong pointing instincts, good retriever, and handles wild birds with skill. OFA Excellent, 57 lbs. Pedigree

October Coulter Pine
October Coulter Pine

Coulter is out of Iris x Heath. Line bred to Bess x Sage, Coulter is the embodiment of the ideals we strive for in a Ryman-type setter. He is athletic, medium ranged, fun to watch, and smart about finding and handling birds. Coulter also has his father’s conformation and stamina. A great natural and all-around dog. OFA Excellent, 53 lbs. Pedigree


October Blue Doc
October Mountain Heath
October Mountain River
October Mountain Cedar
October Holly’s Comet
October Mountain Alder
October Blue Sage
October Tam’s Chaco
October Rocky Mountain

Breeders of Classic foot hunting English Setters from Ryman and other close working bloodlines.

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