Houdini's Man O'War

Houdini's Man O'War is an old fashioned Llewellin that we think is an exciting match for Smoke. We have been looking for a Llewellin cross for a number of years. A challenge has been finding one with some size, old-style good looks, and health clearances in place. Man O'War is everything we've been looking for in a Llewellin. He is tall and short coupled, 50 to 53 lbs, has a nice temperament, OFA excellent hips, OFA thyroid normal at 19 months, and is CERF clear. He also has a Jr. Hunter title and placements in walking Llewellin trials.

Houdini Llewellins www.houdinillewellins.com
Man O'War's pedigree www.houdinillewellins.com/images/pedigreeBuster.jpg