October Kinnikinnick

October Kinnikinnick, "Nicki", was from a highly successful cross of Ryman and Smith lines. She developed early, making her first grouse points at 6 months. Nicki hunted fast at moderate range, had a soft temperament, and was very easy to train. She was an all around great dog and produced oustanding pups for us. OFA Excellent

October Kinnikinnick
OFA Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal
Goodgoing Brannigan
OFA Excellent
OFA Normal
I'm Oscar Mohawk's Drum
Whittier's Princess
Coppersmith Highlander's Duffy
Skylight's Susan
Needlepoint Maggie Mae Needlepoint King Equimark
Needlepoint Princess
Needlepoint Flair Pinnacle
Goodgoing Ryman Abra
OFA Excellent
Classic Autumn Aspen
OFA Excellent
Rolling Rock Boomer
OFA Fair
Oldfield Steady Mac
White Gates Feather
Tranquility Thistle
OFA Good
Grouse Woods Rip
Tranquility Osage
Goodgoing Ryman Abbie
OFA Good
Ryman's Blue Return Ryman's Blue Patch
Belle Elegant
Ryman's Orange Heather Ryman's Big Mac
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