One of the things people most want to know about our dogs is how far they range and how fast they are in the field.  How a dog runs is difficult to describe, as words like “slow”, “fast”, “close”, or “wide” don’t always mean the same thing to each person.  So, here are two video examples that demonstrate range and speed in hunting situations.  To see the dogs they need to be viewed full screen.

Paint is currently our slowest and closest working dog.  Like all our dogs she will go further if she smells birds.

Pepper is a step up in range.  Her range and speed are middle of the road, and typical of what we expect to produce.

Our widest dogs are another similar step up in range, but they aren’t necessarily faster.  Some of our slower working dogs cover more ground than some of our faster dogs- speed and range are not tied together.

2 thoughts on “Range”

  1. You sure do have some wide open spaces ! You could not see that far standing on the roof of a 2 story house here in S.E. Pennsylvania.
    The fellow you did the book with Walt Lesser is he a dog breeder back here in W.V. ?

  2. Hi Bruce- Walt bred setters under the Alder Run name, but is retired from breeding.
    We like those wide open spaces and your eastern grouse cover:-)

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