Upcoming Litters

We have three litters due late May/early June.  Paint x River is due around May 22nd, and Pepper x Heath is due around June 2nd.  Paint is definitely pregnant, we’ll know about Pepper within the week.  These are repeat breedings that produced excellent pups.  There are pictures of several pups from both litters in our Feb. 6th post “2011 Pups“.

The third litter will be out of Blair x Heath.  Blair is a very nice example from our Bess x Sage breeding owned by our good friend (and extraordinary veterinarian) Walt Cottrell.  She is 47 lbs, OFA Excellent, athletic, and hunts close.  She also looks a LOT like Bess.  Bred to Heath, we expect her to produce medium sized, athletic pups with great conformation.  Walt will raise Blair’s litter in PA.

October Blair

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Litters”

  1. Blair is beautiful! I love her markings. She sounds like a wonderful setter. That looks to be a pretty big ruffed grouse she’s holding. Her and Heath will have awesome pups. I hope we’ll get to see pictures of them on your blog and hear about them in future blogs.

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