4 thoughts on “Violet x Doc Pups Born August 5th”

  1. I have a Violet and Doc pup, now 14 weeks old. Booker. He’s incredibly beautiful, very smart, vocal, i.e. lets you know when he thinks things aren’t going his way. Anxious to please, and from what I gather from the way he retrieves a pheasant wing, will be a very good retriever. Oh, and did I say he’s a joy?

  2. Yes. No more birddogs and boars. Ironically, because “All’s well that ends well,” I don’t regret it. It was a great lesson and quite an experience.
    I will probably join the High Desert Hunt Club next year when Booker is old enough. It’s on the Tajone, but not in their boar territory. Has a really good population of native CA Quail, one of my very favorite birds for the table, and it’s only about 1&1/2 hours away from me, which in L.A. is nothing.

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