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Cliff and Lisa with Sassy and River
Cliff and Lisa Weisse with Sassy and River

We are breeding foot hunting English Setters from Ryman and other close working bloodlines. George Ryman developed a unique type of hunting dog during the first half of the 1900's which was based on crosses between the early hunting show setters and field trial dogs. They were the happy medium between the two types- great bird dogs that hunted with you and were also attractive looking dogs with easy going, lovable dispositions. They were natural hunters that pointed and retrieved with minimal training. These qualities remain in Ryman lines today.

Our dogs are bred for natural hunting abilities, sound conformation, and good temperament. They are energetic hunters that work at close to moderate range, keep in contact with you, and vary their range to suit the cover being hunted. They point and retrieve shot birds naturally and are easy to train. Around the house they are very calm, affectionate dogs that want attention more than anything, except to hunt birds. This is what an English Setter should be.


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