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Our Stud Dogs

October Mountain Buckbrush

Buck, out of Lizzie x Heath, brings the qualities of our Llewellin cross back into the Ryman-type side of our lines. Buck is a close to moderate ranging, easy going/level-headed, comfortable hunting dog. He has strong pointing instincts, is a good retriever, and he handles wild birds with skill. OFA Excellent, 61 lbs. Pedigree

October Coulter Pine

Coulter is out of Iris x Heath. Line bred to Bess x Sage, Coulter is the embodiment of the ideals we strive for in a Ryman-type setter. He is athletic, medium ranged, fun to watch, and smart about finding and handling birds. Coulter also has his father’s conformation and stamina. A great natural and all-around dog. OFA Excellent, 55 lbs. Pedigree

Retired Males

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October Setters