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Our Dams

October Spotted Fritillary


Tillie is out of Piper x Doc. She is on the faster side with moderate range like her sire. Tillie brings much of what we gained with our Llewellin cross forward in our breeding. She is naturally cautious when handling birds, developed early, and, while searching with intensity maintains an intelligent approach. OFA Excellent, 44 lbs, Pedigree.

October Dusty Maidens


Dusty, out of Brook x Coulter, is fast and on the wider side for our dogs, but reminiscent of her grandsire Doc is especially cautious when handling birds while maintaining intensity on point. Her excellent conformation is demonstrated by efficiency and stamina in the field. OFA Good, 45 lbs, Pedigree.

Thorn Plum October Heather


Heather comes to us from Thorn Plum Kennel in New York. Linebred to our Bess x Sage and Nicki x Chaco breedings, Heather carries our Llewellin cross and brings in Firelight lines from her sire. She is moderately wide ranging for our dogs, fast, athletic, and points with high intensity. Lovely personality and classic good looks, Heather is a fine addition to our breeding program. OFA Good, 48 lbs, Pedigree.

October Flaming Autumn


Autumn is out of our Candy x Buck breeding which produced bright, early developing puppies. Autumn is close working, but highly driven and purposeful in her search. A naturally comfortable dog in the field. Athletic and light boned, she has the classic head and looks of the Rymans, with an easy going personality to go with. OFA Excellent, 44 lbs, Pedigree.

October Wildginger


Ginger is another female out of Candy x Buck who, like her sister Autumn, developed quickly in the field and has strong pointing instincts. She has an especially focused, innate drive to find birds, using the wind intelligently right out of the box as a young pup. Ginger hunts at a moderate range and speed. OFA Excellent, 45 lbs, Pedigree.

October Mountain Lilybeth


Beth is out of our Feather x Coulter breeding. From that combination of parents she got classic good looks and great conformation that gives her nimble, athletic performance in the field with stamina for the long haul. She hunts fast at a moderately wide range for our dogs. A smart dog, Beth quickly learned how to handle spooky wild birds and immediately approached pinning birds as a partnership with the hunter. OFA Good, 45 lbs, Pedigree.

Retired Females

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October Setters