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Great Lakes Grouse 2021

We made our annual Grouse and Woodcock trip in October. We started in Wisconsin visiting some of our regular haunts to see if the pressure was a fluke last year. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Two patches of really nice cover with zero birds and another five truck caravan of “hunters” racing up a dirt road was enough to confirm we need to find new places to hunt. So we spent a lot of time exploring parts of the region we’ve never hunted before. It paid off.

Cliff and Piper With Grouse
Lisa with Autumn on Point
Lisa With Autumn On Point

We had a good trip with decent numbers of Grouse and nice dog work. Woodcock were few and far between this year, maybe due to warm weather and not much migratory movement yet(?). It was also nice to see old friends, as usual. All in all it was a very enjoyable trip.

Of course the real highlight was the dog work. We didn’t have any puppies this year but we have a batch of young females we’ve been developing over the past couple years. We need to add them to our web site so we took plenty of photos. We’ll share some of them here.

Once we get through November, A.K.A meat procurement month, we’ll look forward to chasing Chukars in Idaho for the rest of the winter.

New Puppies – Two Litters / First Look

Thistle and Feather both whelped their puppies over night on the 17-18th of June with about four hours between litters. Needless to say it was a busy night. Thistle had nine pups (6 males, 3 females) and Feather had four (two males, two females). All are doing great. Thistle’s milk supply wasn’t quite keeping up so Feather volunteered to help out by adopting two of her pups. Here’s some video we shot today.

Thistle x Buck

Feather x Coulter