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Whelping Room

We thought everyone would get a kick out of seeing the TEMPORARY set-up in our whelping room.  Normally we only have one litter at a time, and Camas is in the permanent whelping box we always use.  Pepper is in the spare box we have for times when two litters overlap.  Paint is in a new box built for this occasion that can be taken apart and stored in case we ever lose our minds again and have three litters at the same time 🙂

The moms are pretty relaxed about each other now, but at first they needed the boards to block their views of the other litters.  Out of sight, where Cliff is standing to take the video, is a little office/sleeping area for humans.

Pepper Pups- 2 Weeks Old

Pepper’s pups are progressing quickly.  They are walking and pretty coordinated for their age.  Pepper’s corner of the whelping room is dark, so her videos aren’t as good as the others.  Next time we’ll add some lighting and they should look better.

There are two tricolor females, one blue (with the shoulder patch), and one blue or tricolor belton.  It looks like the males are one tricolor, and two blue.


Hi everybody.  Since a couple people were having trouble downloading and viewing the videos we decided to put them on YouTube.  That allows us to embed them in the blog so you can just view them here.  We left the old links for anyone who wants to download the videos and save them on their computer.  Hopefully this will work for everyone!