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2011 Pups

Time to post images of a few pups from last year’s litters.  If anyone has more they would like to see posted, send away!

Luchi (left) is from the Paint x River litter, Bracken is out of Pepper x Heath.  Not sure who was responsible for what here, but this is their first woodcock.

Jesse (left) is out of Pepper x Heath, Henry is out of Paint x River.

Sophie is from the Pepper x Heath litter.

Watson is out of Paint x River.  The bird in the first video is the first one he ever saw.  Not bad for 3 1/2 months.

Claire is Rick Jocke’s pup out of Camas x River.  Here she is, from settling in at her new home, to early points as a growing young pup.

Briar is also from Camas x River.

Tucker is out of Spice x River.  The adventures of his brother Gentry can be seen at  Search for “Gentry” to find the posts that feature him.

This is Otis, out of Paint x River.  The first picture is right after he arrived in MA.  In the last photo Otis is with his owner Tom and his very first grouse.

All for now.

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