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Foggy Hunt

2021-2022 Season Wrap Up

We wrapped up another hunting season a few days ago and we’re back home waiting for puppies to arrive. After sitting out some very cold weather in December we headed out for Chukars and Huns for most of January. Conditions were difficult but we had a really good hunt with enough birds to get a lot of nice dog work. Our young girls continued to look great and did a nice job handling tough, hard hunted birds.

It was cold and foggy during most of our hunt, what they were calling Ice Fog.

Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost Left by Ice Fog

Crusted snow, cold weather, and sharp rocks made conditions tough for us and the dogs. Most of our dogs ended up with sore feet as evidenced by these bloody tracks Dusty left behind on a Hun retrieve.

Bloody Foot Prints

The rewards made it all worth enduring.

Here’s Autumn with a Chukar shot over her point.

And Heather finding


and delivering

a Chukar shot over a nice point on a running covey.

The weather finally turned better for our last day.

We had a nice hunt with Feather and Violet to close out the season, ending with a nice point from Violet on a covey of Huns near the end of the day.

Cliff with Violet and Feather


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