Candy x Buck Pups / First Look

Candy whelped her litter last Monday morning. She had thirteen total! Eight females and five males. This is the most we’ve ever had in a litter and they’re all doing fine. We’re a bit worn out though. Here’s a short video clip. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Candy x Buck Pups / First Look”

  1. Thanks for sharing Lisa, beautiful puppies.
    Our puppy from Candy x Buck litter last year progressing great!

    1. do you have any pics of your pup. I might be getting one from this litter so would be great to see!

  2. Lisa, thanks for sharing and it is going to be tougher to make a pick this time than when I picked her littermate Birch six years ago.

  3. Are any of these puppies available.
    I love this type of setter.
    My first setter was a Pinecoble type from upstate New York

    1. Frank,
      The pups are most likely all placed, but it’s not quite finalized. The pandemic is making it hard for some people who plan to take one of them. Tough times that I hope won’t last too too long for all of us.

    2. I’m not sure my last message was sent properly I would like a female blue Belton or chestnut color with no patches on the eyes if this is possible let me know and I’ll send you payment if not please put me down for the next litter

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