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Pepper x Heath Pups Finally, and New Breeding

Just a quick announcement for everyone who has been waiting for the news.  Pepper finally had her pups last night- 3 girls and 4 boys.  Everything went smoothly.  Pictures to follow before long.

We have just begun breeding Suzie (October Blackeyed Susan) to River, and if successful her pups will be ready to go the first week of October.  This breeding should produce dogs a little smaller but similar in looks and performance to Paint x River.  We are really looking forward to seeing what Suzie produces, as she has turned out to be a great young dog with exceptional conformation.  She turned two in February and her final OFA’s are Elbows Normal, Hips Excellent.  Photos of Suzie from last hunting season can be seen here:

New Litters

Paint and Blair both whelped their litters on Tuesday.  Paint had six pups.  The first was born just after 11 PM Monday night, the rest through the early morning hours Tuesday.  She had two girls and four boys.  Here they are this afternoon.

Blair had three pups Tuesday evening- two girls and a boy.  She had a bit of a rough time with whelping and needed a c-section.  Fortunately she couldn’t be in better hands than Walt’s.  Blair is doing a good job for a first time mom.  She and the pups are doing fine.

Upcoming Litters

We have three litters due late May/early June.  Paint x River is due around May 22nd, and Pepper x Heath is due around June 2nd.  Paint is definitely pregnant, we’ll know about Pepper within the week.  These are repeat breedings that produced excellent pups.  There are pictures of several pups from both litters in our Feb. 6th post “2011 Pups“.

The third litter will be out of Blair x Heath.  Blair is a very nice example from our Bess x Sage breeding owned by our good friend (and extraordinary veterinarian) Walt Cottrell.  She is 47 lbs, OFA Excellent, athletic, and hunts close.  She also looks a LOT like Bess.  Bred to Heath, we expect her to produce medium sized, athletic pups with great conformation.  Walt will raise Blair’s litter in PA.

October Blair

Spice x River Pups – Two days old

Spice whelped her pups Monday!  She ended up with five males and four females.  Three of the males are beltons so could be any color (the ones wearing ribbons in the video), one is tricolor, the other has small black patches on both ears so he’s either blue or tricolor.  Two of the females are tricolor, one is blue, the fourth has a black patch on her left ear and is blue or tricolor.

2012 Breeding Plans

Just a quick post to update our breeding plans for this spring/summer.  Spice has been bred to River and is due to whelp around March 6th.  We would also like to have two or three more litters by early summer.  The planned pairings are Camas x Heath, Pepper x Heath, and Paint x River.

Which of the females get bred will depend in part on how their heat cycles are timed.  If they stay on their normal schedules, which are not all that predictable, all should come in heat within the next couple of months.  Although everything went exceptionally smoothly with last year’s three litters whelped within a short period of time, we are not anxious to tempt fate and do a repeat of that any time soon.  If something doesn’t work out with one of the above females, we may be able to fill in with Suzie, who will be two years old next month.