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Idaho Sage Grouse and Sharptails 2023

Well we again decided to skip Wisconsin this year and hunt Sage Grouse and Sharptails close to home. It paid off again – we had some really good hunts with nice dog work. We didn’t have great numbers of birds but they were scattered in small groups providing multiple opportunities which was great for bringing along our younger/inexperienced dogs. They did a great job and we both managed to fill two Sage Grouse tags with only two shots each. That’s the beauty of shooting over points! We were focused on hunting and didn’t take many photos but here’s one of Lisa with Feather and an adult male Sage Grouse.

Lisa With Feather and Sage Grouse

Now with an Elk in the freezer it’s time to load up and head out for Chukars and Huns. With that in mind here’s one last photo just for fun. It’s hard to judge the distance so I’ll point out that both of our trucks are parked next to that dark spot in the sage with the white circle around it. A good tuneup for Chukar hunting. Enjoy!

Let The Pack Out Begin


  1. Ray Broadus

    You didn’t miss much in Wisconsin. Annie and I just got back. Ruffed grouse numbers were down. Annie managed to get several good points.

  2. John Hyde

    Well done. Candy and Piper are still doing great. We managed trips for Ptarmigan, Sage/Dusky grouse in CO and SD pheasants. We need to get up your way to chase some birds together.

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