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Local Sage Grouse and Sharptails 2022

We opted not to travel to Wisconsin this year and take advantage of Sage and Sharp-tailed Grouse here in Idaho. The weather was warm but we got in a few hours most mornings before it got too warm. Bird numbers were OK and we got some really nice dog work. Here are a few photos from those hunts. Enjoy!

Fall was late coming this year and there was still a little color left.

Here’s Autumn on Sharptails:

Autumn on Point

and Sage Grouse

Lisa Autumn and Sage Grouse

Autumn and Tillie with a Sharptail.

Cliff with Autumn, Tillie and Sharptail

And the rewards:

Tillie With Sharptail She made a Nice Find and Retrieve On
The Reward – Sage Grouse

Hunting from home allowed us to have some fun in the afternoons when it was too warm to hunt. Here are a couple videos we shot of pups we held back from Dusty’s litter with Buck.

This is Lacy’s second training quail:

And her litter sister Patch’s second find:

Now they need to see the real thing…


  1. Rick

    Beautiful dogs, beautiful country. Although I must confess I get a little kenophobic looking at those wide open spaces when I compare that country with my dense grouse and woodcock woods.

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