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New Blog and Forum for Ryman-type Setters!

The issues covered in our “Call to Arms” have been getting a LOT of attention behind the scenes. The response has been universally positive and there is enthusiasm for doing something to create a good future for the Ryman-types. We are extremely excited to announce that a group of breeders has collaborated on a new blog and forum devoted to Ryman-type setters.

The purpose of the site is to promote and foster the hunting abilities, health, and an expanding gene pool within Ryman-type English setters. Members commit to breeding health tested dogs (OFA hips at a minimum) and they all hunt wild birds to prove their dogs.

There is a private forum for members to help each other with advice on breeding, health issues, hunting qualities- anything to do with breeding Ryman-type setters. There is also a public forum that anyone who wants to talk about the dogs can join.

Anyone interested is invited to join. Spread the word!

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