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Puppy Update

We had a chance to shoot some video of both Heather’s and Autumn’s this evening. They’re exploring the yard and it’s really getting fun to watch them make discoveries. Enjoy.

Heather x Coulter:

Autumn x Coulter:


  1. Clay Mizer

    Great looking puppies. Love it when Cliff whistles and calls “puppies” and they all charge over. When I call “puppies” still today Freckles comes at full charge!

  2. Rick

    They’re all BEAUTIFUL!! Makes me sad thinking that at my age I’ll likely never again smell the coffee smelling breath, or the sweet ham-like scent of puppy ears. But I’ve been blessed with 12 setters in my adult life. Each of them wonderful companions and house dogs, each grand hunters. Each stays fresh in my mind long after their passing.

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